Announcing MongoBooster 2.2

Today, we're happy to announce the release of MongoBooster 2.2. This release includes Real-Time log viewer, tree/table view sorting options, shell tab title format options, bug fixes and a few minor improvements.

Real-Time log viewer

Instead of showing a simple loading spinner, this release add a new log viewer to show the real-time console log/ print info. When the shell script execution time exceeds 2 seconds, the log window will be popped up and monitor script logs at real-time.

Result view sorting options

This release adds sorting options to tree view/table view fields. (Menu -> Options -> Result TreeView/TableView Sort Type)

  • Nature (default value, as they are in the JSON view)
  • Ascending Order
  • Descending Order

Shell tab title format options

This release adds options to form a tab name of the editor window in the following format list. (Menu -> Options -> Editor Tab Name Format)

  • Database:Collection@Connection
  • Database:Collection
  • Database@Connection

Bug fixes and minor updates

  • New, add "choose custom fields" feature to build-in export utility
  • New, add "insertOneAndFetchIt" snippet
  • New,add "expand whole tree menu item" to tree view right-click menu
  • New, add "add more" button to replica set editor
  • Improved, result view toolbar responsive resize.
  • Improved, Mongodump: disable invalid dumpDbUsersAndRoles option when dump all databases
  • Improved, auto focus to new node after clicking right-click menu item "create database"
  • Fixed, throw error when print([null,undefined]) in JSON View
  • Fixed,GridFS: right-click menu item "add files..." does not work
  • Fixed, save as... extension issue. (file.js_copy -> file_copy.js)

Thank you!

Please visit our feedback page or click the “Feedback” button in the app. Feel free to suggest improvements to our product or service. Users can discuss your suggestion and vote for and against it. We’ll look at it too.