NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 Released! official support for MongoDB 3.6

We're so proud to release NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 today. This version includes official support for MongoDB 3.6 along with some useful minor improvements and bugfix. For more information on MongoDB 3.6 , see Release Notes for MongoDB 3.6.

MongoDB 3.6 support

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 upgrades dependent MongoDB Node.js driver to 3.0, adds support for all the new shell methods and operations of MongoDB 3.6. DNS-constructed Seedlist mongodb+srv, Change Streams, Sessions, JSON Schema , New Query Operators and New Aggregation Stages and Operators.

WARNING: MongoDB 2.4 reached end of life in March of 2016, MongoDB Node.js 3.x driver dropped support for MongoDB 2.4 or below. Beginning in NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3, versions of MongoDB server prior to version 2.6 are no longer supported.

DNS-constructed Seedlist mongodb+srv

In addition to the standard connection format, NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 quick connect (connect from URI...) support a DNS-constructed seedlist.

To use it, Click Menu -> File -> Quick Connect ... (Enter mongodb+srv://) or Click Connect -> From URI .. in the main toolbar.

DNS-constructed Seedlist mongodb+srv

Change Streams (

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 adds shell method and code snippet "" to open and watch a change stream.

To use it

  • Method1: Enter "", pop-up code complete dialog (Ctrl-Shift-Space), select "watch" snippet.
  • Method2: Right-click collection node in the connection tree, and click -> Watch Collection.


NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 adds all session related methods to its embeded Mongo Shell. It also provides a few code snippets to manage sessions.


New Query Operators

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 adds the following new query operators and code snippets:

  • The new $jsonSchema operator matches documents that validate against the given JSON Schema.
  • The $expr allows the use of aggregation expressions within the query language.

New Aggregation Stages and Operators

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.3 adds "db.aggregate(), to perform aggregations that do not rely on an underlying collection, adds the new MongoDB 3.6 aggregation pipeline stages and new Aggregation Operators.

New Node.js 3.x Driver Query Code Generator

In addition to Node.js 2.x driver, Java , Python, C# and the mongo shell language, you can also now generate Node.js 3.x driver API code from all queries find, aggregate and SQL Query.

Minor Improvements and Bugfix

  • Improved, Humanize numbers, show 4918360.53 as "4,918,360.53 (4.9M)"
  • Fixed, High memory usage crashs machine on Linux
  • Fixed, Cut/Copy/Paste in editor context menu doesn't work on Mac

Thank you!

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