What's new in MongoBooster 3.1

This version includes query by example, ReplicaSet discover members, export query and selected documents can choose fields and export to sql, improved connection config other options editor along with some useful minor improvements and bugfix.

Hotfix in MongoBooster 3.1.5

  • Changed: Bind shortcut F5 to “Run/Execute Current Statement”, replacing F4.
  • New: CTRL+F5 to execute the current statement into a new tab sheet.
  • New: CTRL+F6 to execute the entire/selected script into a new tab sheet.
  • Improved: Sort exported fields by name in the export dialog
  • Improved: Auto-fetch all fields for the small-size collection (< 2M)
  • Fixed: An autocomplete malfunction bug for the local connection after trial expired

Hotfix in MongoBooster 3.1.3

  • Changed, In order to keep the behavior consistent with mongodb shell, MongoBooster will insert/update number as double type.
db.test.insert({a:1, b:1.0, c: 1.1, d: NumberInt("1.0"), e:Double("1.0")}) //or update
//before(<3.1.3): a: int32, b: int32, c:double, d: int32, e:double
//now (>=3.1.3): a: double, b: double, c:double, d: int32, e:double
  • Improved, execute current statement(F4) improved even focus on the commented line or empty line;
  • fixed, local timezone didn't show in json view;
  • fixed, collection export cannot change filename;
  • fixed, collection cannot export to mongoShell format.
  • fixed, closing tab with mouse middle button closes the active one instead of the aimed one

Hotfix in MongoBooster 3.1.2

  • Added, Ctrl(Cmd)+D added as a new “duplicate selection” shortcut in editor
  • Improved, table view column autosize for Date/Number type performance improved;
  • Improved, run current line(F4) now can run a complete script statement even it split into multiple lines;
  • Improved, custom snippets(favorite) now can be used in the middle of a script;
  • Improved, Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter can be used to save in Type/Value Editor;
  • Fixed, value contains scripts execute when using find.

what's new in MongoBooster 3.1

Query by Example

It's more easy to get a query via this small but very useful feature. Multiple fields supported, nested object/array supported.

ReplicaSet Improvement

We add a new "discover members" button in the Replica Set Members Grid, add a valid member, you'll get all existed members.

Discover Replica Set Members

In addition to this, after connect to a replica set connection, you'll get the new node under connection node, shows all replica set members and their , if you double click one of this nodes, you can connect to any member directly.

Replica Set Members on Connection Tree

Connection Config's Other Options Enhancement

Editor is more friendly now, we provide a useful keys list and default value.

Other Options List

Query Result and Selected Documents Export Enhancement

Now, query and selected documents(include aggregation and vanilla array) support choose fields and export to sql like export database/collection.

Export Query in SQL Format

Minor Improvements and Bugfix

  • Improved, add more useful snippets (groupBy, createCappedCollection, convertCollectionToCapped...)
  • Improved, index creation now use shell to run just like export
  • Improved, keep SSH connection alive after network lost
  • Changed, set socketTimeoutMS to 0 as default
  • Fixed, auto refresh didn't remember first expand status
  • Fixed, copy document from table view without _id showed undefined
  • Fixed, read-only status of connection configuration did't properly export
  • Fixed, bsonType parameter in export template didn't work correctly(Only effect export to Oracle .sql file)
  • Fixed, authMechanism_SCRAM-SHA-1_ and _MONGODB-CR_didn't save in the Other Options Tab. (Other 3 are supported in Authentication Tab)
  • Fixed, one member replica set connection after export/import lost replica set connection type

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